How to Attract More Workers to Construction

It is a topic that is debated many times in the construction industry. We have already heard about asphalt paving contractors in Kentucky who are having a hard time finding workers. But what is the reason for this issue? Is it because these workers have better jobs? Or it is because they are too lazy to work in construction?

These are two of the theories that we hear a lot. An asphalt paving company in Kentucky can point the blame elsewhere by using these theories. Those workers do not want to get their hands dirty. Or they are already making a good salary somewhere else. But the reality is that companies may want to look inward if they want to figure out this worker shortage.

Offer More to Workers

The reason why there is a shortage of workers in construction is not because they are too lazy. It is because the companies are not offering them enough. The two biggest complaints that we see from workers refer to the way they are compensated and the training they get. Many workers feel they are not getting enough training at their jobs. They are expected to know all these new methods and techniques and safety procedures. But where is the training?

Salary is another major contention for workers. Yes, they are getting a good job. But they feel as though the pay is far too close to the minimum wage in many states. And that is a major issue for the average driveway paving company in Kentucky. It is why many of these companies may have a hard time getting as many workers as they need.

Finding the Right Balance

Of course, a company always wants to maximize profits. And that means offering less salaries to workers. It is a way of life within the economy. But if the wages are so low that people do not even want the job, is the company benefiting? Chances are they are not. They have to cancel some jobs or delay the finish time. They do not have enough men on job sites some days. It is a situation that cannot continue.

Companies can start by having better training programs in place for new hires. When someone comes into the company, they should have at least a week of paid training. It will ensure they are learning the latest safety practices and techniques. It also means they are getting some benefit before they have even started working. It makes them more likely to take on a new position at an asphalt paving company in Kentucky.

And wages will have to improve too. Offering minimum wage for a tough job like construction and expecting people to flock to job sites is delusional. Companies will have to make adjustments if they want to hire more workers.

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