Construction Industry Issues: Workers’ Compensation Settlements

Most construction workers have been in the situation that I am about to describe. You are working a job, doing your best, but then an incident occurs. You end up getting hurt, which means that you require medical attention. You may even need to skip some days at work. But the injury was not your fault. You were doing everything right, but you were hurt anyway. An accident happened. And now you are not sure how to proceed.

It is a common problem for workers to feel like they are taking a big risk by going to their employer and telling them about the injury they suffered. You want to keep working. You do not want to lose your hours and pay. And you certainly do not want to lose your job because you are asking for workers compensation. But how can you proceed? We are going to talk about that right now.

The best thing that a worker can do is be honest with their employer. Tell them what happened and indicate the full extent of your injuries. If you try and cover up how badly you are hurt, or you try and return to work while you are still in pain, you will make your case worse. It is very hard to get compensation for an injury if you are hiding the extent of that injury.

Another tip we would give to workers is that you should not be afraid to hire an attorney. Just because you hire an attorney does not mean you are taking your employer to court. It just means that you want some professional advice on how you should proceed. Your attorney will be as aggressive or calm as you want them to be. They are working for you. It is better to have a lawyer on your side in such cases than not.