About Us

The construction industry is making a big comeback in Kentucky. Things were not looking too good five or six years ago, with the state still feeling the effects of the recession. But the country is bouncing back. Kentucky is in a much better place and the construction industry is benefitting.

It is why we started our magazine three years ago. We wanted to depict this rise from the inside. We have spent so many years working at various construction and asphalt paving contractors in Kentucky. Instead of writing about something that is not relevant to our experience, we chose to create a construction magazine.

It is a wonderful feeling to get to write about the topics that you have dedicated your life to. We have a passion for construction and we believe that our readers do too. Whether you want to learn about the latest asphalt paving methods, or you are interested in the financial projections for Kentucky’s construction industry, you will find great information in our magazine.

One of the most interesting sections in our recent issues is the profile section. It is where we take a person from the Kentucky construction industry and do a write up on them. It includes an interview, but also information gathered by our journalists. It is a great way to get to know people from the industry.

And we always try to vary the profile subjects. It is not only the owners of asphalt paving companies in Kentucky. We also focus on the workers. If you have spent the past few years working for a driveway pavement contractor in Kentucky, then you are the ideal candidate for a profile. If you would like to be in our next issue, send us an email. We will put you in touch with one of our editors.